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: we're in chapel hill, north carolina, where tar heels leading the pirates, 24-14. casey barth with a 28-yard field goal. north carolina has almost three times as many yards of offense as east carolina. outgaining them now, 302 to 101. this north carolina defense about as good as advertised. >> ray: they just fly around and get to the football. they have so many playmakers on that defense. and coach davis tells us, about a year away, he thinks. i tell you they're going to be scary coming down the road. >> pam: north carolina has a team, only has five senior starters. couple of them over on the defensive line. here is a squibler. picked up by dwayne harris. tackled down at the 25 yard line where east carolina tries to get its offense going against this stout north carolina defense. >> ray: let's look at some those defensive highlights from the first half. led mostly by the sophomore, robert quinn, number 42. he's been flying around making play after play. here he is with the sack. and he's picking up where he left off from last week. he's got five tackles for a loss. actually th
. >> pam: only a sophomore. sixth tackle from north carolina today. pinkney with time to throw. completes it to dwayne harris who is tackled a couple of yards shy of the first down. a 16-yard pick-up for the pirates. >> ray: this is a desperation time drive right now. for skip holtz and his team. i know there's 11:30 or so left in this thing. but if they really want to make a rally in getting themselves in it at the end, they need at least a field goal out of this drive. >> pam: facing a third and one. from their own 40. they're throwing for it on third and one. pinkney with a nice grab and boy joe womack got the high throw, gathered it in in front of deunta williams for the big first down. >> ray: this is something that they saw upstairs where they knew that they had just one high safety up top. and so you try to get the throw out in between that safety in the corner and that's what they were exactly able to do as pinkney put some mustard on that one and the throw got there before deunta williams could. >> pam: womack caught it for a 21-yard gain. on a third and one. pinkney throws back
in the north carolina. the 18-year-old was swimming with a group of friends off the beach when lightng struck the water. the happened at about 3:00 p.m. today. divers and life guards searched for the teenager for hours before his body was found on the beach. he was a freshman at the university of north carolina at wilmington. his friends who were surfing made it back to shore. >>> an afghan man indicted in an alleged terror bombing plot arrived in new york it landed just a few hours ago. a federal agents say new the released surveillance video shows not ebola zazi shopping in a beer supply store for bomb supplies. they say he was involved in a terror conspiracy that may have targeted commuter trains and new york city. >>> federal investigators or back to the home of a north carolina man who is also suspected of plotting terror attacks. they would not sit with you doing at the home. he is one of eight men charged in a conspiracy plot. the alleged ringleader is daniel boyd. agents said it a plan to attack the marine corps base at quantico. >>> an audio tape that is said to be from osama bin lad
tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the gentleman from north carolina, mr. kissell, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. mr. kissell: thank you, madam speaker. it's truly with mixed emotions that i rise tonight on the floor of the house of representatives, it's a sadness in noting that last week we lost congressman w.g. "bill" hefner, a congressman from north carolina for 24 years frrks 1974 to 1998. and we truly give our condolences and our regards to his daughters, stacey and shelly, and to his wonderful wife, nancy. but the legacy of bill hefner did not end last week. as we are going to see tonight as we spend some time remembering and talking about and telling stories of bill hefner that his memory will go forth because of the things he did, the person he was, and the congressman that represented his district of north carolina so well. now, i have to tell you, madam speaker, that tonight i shall refer to congressman hefner as mr. hefner quite often. because i was raised at a time and a place when the ultimate respect that
the south carolina coastline. north carolina is getting nailed with some rain. that's where the worst of it will be. today and tomorrow, even into wednesday the delmarva, chesapeake bay will be raining, large waves. it's just going to be kind of ugly, like a nor easter. we have a big area of high pressure that's not going anywhere. the storm is trying to move into that area of high pressure, but it can't. so it's going to get stuck here right off virginia beach. maryland, delaware, you'll get nailed with rain in the days ahead. the worst today, the beaches of north carolina, coastal north carolina is getting a lot of rain. also, showers around pittsburgh. and we've got heavy rain in and around cincinnati and dayton. even thunderstorms early this morning. so the temperatures aren't the problem. the forecast, damp weather on the coast and a lot of clouds. so not quite as pretty as it's been. that's a look at your labor day forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. well, louisville, kentucky, showers and storms are near you, too, this morning. kentucky to ohio is th
into action. a suspect was held down until police arrived. >>> north carolina officers are investigating a crash that certainly roughlied a lot of feathers there. a truck carrying more than 5,000 chickens ran off the road. witnesses say about 400 birds died. no humans, though, were hurt from that accident. >> activists in new york are trying to bring attention to the issue of climate change ahead of u.n. general assembly meetings this week. yesterday thousands of mpaigners formed a human sculpture of planet earth trapped inside an hourglass. it dissolved like sand to signify the time the action is out. >>> and in new mexico, beef, beans and chiles all flying for the word burrito eating championship. 15 competitors started the race. only one winner, though. he gulped down 33 1/2 burritos in only 10 minutes. and then comes the indigestion. >>> bill, good morning. >> they say beans are good to u, dan. >> that's what they say. i won't go into the inappropriate comments. 33 and a half burr rhee toes, 10 minutes. got to make mom proud. >> let's talk this morning about the problems. good mornin
working its way into the southeast. that moisture in north carolina could be working its way into virginia and could get here this afternoon. we'll look for the chance of showers though a warm one with a high of 77 degrees, our two-degree guarantee. >>> 5:31. here's kim. >> we have building volume as you make your way southbound on 95 approaching the whitemarsh boulevard area. you see there the southbound lanes on the rick sund. no problems - righthand side of the screen. if you're traveling to dc, 495 in the college park area, an injury accident blocking two right lanes, could cause snarls in dc. in our area, broening highway and avon avenue in dundalk closed because of the ruptured watermain. if you're headed to the marine terminal and you're a truck you have to take the keith avenue accident. and wilson point road and dark head cove road, remains closed. and 41st street and jfx, no problems at this time. back to you. >>> 5:31. as new york prepares to host world leaders at the u.n. the fbi arrested three afghan-born men as part of a terrorist investigation. now they are looking into a p
" in america. there is nothing short of a very fishy situation in one north carolina river. an estimated 50 million fish have gone belly up in the moose river. officials say it's not over yet. scientists are still trying to determine the cause but say the large kill is likely related to low levels of oxygen in the water. >>> there were several clues that led a dui suspect in florida to the attention of police. first, he was riding his motorcycle completely naked. police report he couldn't say where he was coming from and had a blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit. he eventually put on a towel and failed numerous sobriety tests. >>> in california, a multimillion dollar house went up in flames along with a priceless art collection inside. fire ripped through the hollywood hills mansion as firefighters fought to keep it caped. among other items, the owner says the blaze destroyed a fab jay egg and art originally commissioned by napoleon bon part. >>> we now know the answer to the burning question, can supreme court justice sonia sotomayor do the mambo? sure, she can. they pulled sonia
on to a garden hose. >>> flood waters also ravaged parts of missouri and north carolina forcing hundreds of families to evacuate. as the struggle against the flood waters continues, there's more disturbing news. forecasters in the region expect at least one more day of heavy rains. jay gray, nbc news. >>> and today, president obama is making his debut with the united nations in new york city. from environmental issues to the mideast peace process, there >> first of all, i think it's important to realize that i was actually black before the election. so -- so -- >> really? >> this is true. this is true. >> how long have you been a black man? >> well, yesterday's appearance caps off the president's weekend media blitz aimed at building support for his administration's health care overall. >>> and now, here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> in florida, video from a drug bust shows some cops bringing their a-game. check this out after bursting into a house with guns drawn, the officers students are playing a video game, a bowling video game on wii. during
back against their loss last week. it 7-0. a little trick for north carolina, make sure the quarterback is playing attention -- is paying attention we snap him the football. the georgia tech quarterback had a big game, running for a pair of scores. tech knocks off north carolina. >>> florida state lost to miami today, in south florida. b. j. daniels, they are up 7-0. he was making his first-ever start. he was not recruited by florida state. they may want a duel over after today. it is priceless. florida state cut it to 14-7. then the quarterback coughs up the football. the seminoles are left to ponder their first-ever loss to south florida, 17-7. >>> $10 million on the line at for the tour championship of fedex cut. the likelihood it is is tiger's but is not guaranteed. phil mickelson does not seem too happy. tiger started the third round with a two-shot lead, but he did not make enough of these. he shoots 69, two behind kenny perry. if he wins tomorrow and tiger finishes in a three-way tie for third or worse, then perry will when the fedex cop and $10 million prize that goes with it. n
, and north carolina will remain open. one plant in tennessee is not protected. 600 workers there will receive buyouts. that's a quick look at your news headlines. just days after president obama announced he was scrapping a missile defense plan from eastern europe, russia says it's doing away with its plans in a region near pole land. the obama administration says the sdis was based on new intel against assessments and the decision could em boldened iran and north korea. cia director leon pa netta says he'll stand up for men and women who stand up to interrogati interrogation. plans to review detainee abuse cases. seven cia directors delivered a letter to president obama urging him to end the investigation. defense secretary robert gates is ordering the deployment of as many as 3,000 more troops to afghanistan. the top u.n. and n.a.t.o. commander, general stanley mccrystal says they're viewed as security risks has changed. is this a sort of a longer and more prolongeded time in afghanistan? and we will a couple of the items in the news. mr. secretary, good to see you. let's start with the tal
over the pirates. about 110 miles separate the two campuses. north carolina goes to 3-0 for the first time since 1997. they finished 11-1 that year. so carolina north wins it, 31-17 over east carolina. "college football scoreboard" is up next on espn2. this has been a presentation of espn, the world wide leader in sports. for ray bentley and our entire entire, terrific production crew, i'm pam ward. we say so long from chapel hill and send it back to bristol. >> pam, thank you very much. we take you straight out to minnesota, where the gophers are hanging around, number six cal, though, leading 28-21. jahvid best with four touchdowns this afternoon. that brings his season total to seven. >> only one running back this decade has won the heisman trophy and that's reggie bush. so maybe a second win. >> an early vote? >> early vote, yes. >> again, cal leading early, but minnesota tied it up twice and -- not the stadium opener, this is their second week in the new stadium but still the gophers are refusing to go quiet. >> they've dropped nen a row against ranked opponents,
. >>> and we're watching some heavy rain now coming off the coast of north carolina and watch this little knot right here heading northbound, looks like we could be in to for some of that this afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. 6:08. let's check the roads with kim. >> traffic is looking good pretty much all around the area. no real problems to let you know about except we do have fog which has redude visibility, full report coming up next. getting dirty the art of getting clean salsa doesn't stand a chance against the power of wisk®. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. >>> 6:12. a sykesville mom didn't want to call police for the fear they would laugh her out of the precinct. instead she called abc2. >> the story you're about to hear is true. the names have not been changed to protect the innocent. a mystery on where art thou brown cow? >> reporter: for 15 years he was a part of the family. >> maybe he's jaded that we treat him like a stuffed toy and not like a real person. >> reporter: for the past three falls cal has been the mascot for the sykesville raiders, here he is go
of representatives and i'm joined this evening by a great friend and colleague, the gentlelady from north carolina, who has been front and center on the health care issue and on the energy issue and i know that she has been frustrated by much of the information we've heard this evening, especially in the area of energy policy. because we have been fighting tooth and nail to make certain that we could put forward an all-of-the-above energy strategy and my friends on the other side of the aisle earlier this evening talked about the lack of solutions that we have. so i'm pleased to yield to my friend from north carolina for her comments on energy or whatever else you'd like to chat about this evening. ms. foxx: i thank you, dr. price, for beginning this hour and bringing an extraordinarily comprehensive discussion to the health care issue. i did hear more of our colleagues that were here the previous hour talking about energy than health care but i did hear them say that if we were to adopt the health care proposals and i assume that they mean h.r. 3200, that that would bring long-term economic growt
number 7 printed in house report 111-256 offered by the gentlewoman from north carolina, ms. foxx, had been postponed. it is now in order to consider amendment number 8 printed in house report number 111-256. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? mr. reyes: i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 8 printed in house report number 111-256, offered by mr. reyes of texas. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 746, the gentleman from texas, mr. reyes, and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. reyes: thank you, madam chair. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. reyes: madam chair, the men and women who have made enormous sacrifices to serve our country deserve every opportunity to get a good education. and my amendment will help them do just that. my amendment will encourage community colleges to use the funding provided through the new grant program to increase the level of training for our vet
assault and firearms charges. >>> after ten years of fighting, sex education is back in north carolina schools. an old law just didn't have the effect lawmakers expected. here is carol costello. >> reporter: for more than ten years, it was the law in north carolina. it required teachers to tell teenagers they were expected to abstain from sexual activity outside of marriage. it didn't have the effect on teenagers they hoped. >> what happened to the teenage population in north carolina? >> they have gotten pregnant more often. std rates are going up. pregnant nanty rates are going up. >> reporter: from 2003 to 2007, the teen pregnancy rate rose 12%. north carolina has the ninth highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. >> it doesn't give all the information they might need. >> reporter: they lobbied to tell high school students about contraception. they allowed them to do that because of their experience in abstinence only classes in high school. >> i remember hearing my teacher say abc innocence only, wait to have sex until you get married. condoms won't work. if you have sex you're g
child for north carolina senator john edwards, a former aide spilling some rather scandalous details. >>> and actor david hasselhoff rushed to the hospital, reportedly for alcohol poisoning. we will give you details on his condition, straight ahead. ♪ well i was shopping for a new car, ♪ ♪ which one's me - a cool convertible or an suv? ♪ ♪ too bad i didn't know my credit was whack ♪ ♪ 'cause now i'm driving off the lot in a used sub-compact. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free credit report dot com, baby. ♪ ♪ saw their ads on my tv ♪ thought about going but was too lazy ♪ ♪ now instead of looking fly and rollin' phat ♪ ♪ my legs are sticking to the vinyl ♪ ♪ and my posse's getting laughed at. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free- credit report dot com, baby. ♪ what if you could capture the fresh taste of broccoli in a luscious soup? v8 garden broccoli. from campbell's. velvety, delicious. campbell's v8 soups. also, try new garden vegetable blend. proclaims "gq" magazine. did you see that? the interior "positively oozes class," raves "car magazine." "sli
in north carolina, state house bill 834 required teachers to tell teenagers they were expected to abstain from sexual activity outside of marriage. but the law didn't have the lasting effect on teenagers officials had hoped. what happened to the teenage population in north carolina? >> they have gotten pregnant more often. imagine that? our std rates are going up. our pregnancy rates are going up. >> reporter: according to north carolina's health department, from 2003 to 2007, the teen pregnant rate rose more than 12%. north carolina now has the ninth highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. >> it doesn't give them all of the information they might need. >> reporter: these young men and women lobbied lawmakers to allow high school teachers to tell students about extcontraceptiond decided to do that because of their experience in high school. >> i remember hearing my teachers say abstinence only. wait to have sex until you get married. condoms won't work. if you have sex you'll get an std and die. >> she said you'll get an std and die if you have sex? >> when kids hear that, they stop li
. in north carolina mother has created an award winning game that will do just that. >> the toughest lessons for parents to teach and for kids to learn. developing good manners is an age-old struggle, certainly not a game. or is it? >> brandon like to spread gossip. >> she believes teaching kids good manners is literally a role of the dice. >> the mission of the game is simple. i want to help kids. >> she is a corporate trainer who used to work in charlotte, north carolina when she came up with the idea of "blunders." each of them can only make it to a party if they make it through sticky situations that require a good manners. >> i wanted it to be fun and to create different types of questions, true false, scenarios, share range, and mobil -- multiple choice. >> with the help of friends, she took vision to reality, but as an independent game producer, she is finding how hard it is. >> part of our money is going to go to the children's college fund. if not, at least they will have good manners. >> the industry started to take notice and "creative magazine" has received -- has given it an awa
by lightning in north carolina. 18-year-old john sackett is from annapolis but attended unc-wilmington, near the north carolina coast. witnesses say sackett was in the ocean they're wrightsville beach when lightning struck the water. rescuers performed cpr but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >>> a gas leak forced the shopping center in prince george's county to be evacuated. the same shopping center where an explosion in may injured nine firefighters. somebody smelled the gas at the penmar shopping center. high levels of natural gas were found, there was no explosion, nobody was hurt. the utility companies washington gas and pepco are looking into possible causes for both gas leaks. >>> a billboard featuring a gay soldier was ripped by vandals in memphis, tennessee. the billboard was part of a campaign for national coming out day which takes place october 11th. now police have not said weather there are any suspects incus deem the memphis gay andless bee an community center plans to rally. the billboard was meant to understand issues affecting the gay community in the mid-south. >>>
, jordan chrobat grew up in maryland, later married and was stationed in north carolina. his parents and three siblings are not grieving alone. we caught up with them at the grandparent's house in maryland. the family is comforted by each other and a large circle of friends. >> but the pain that is in me is just incredible. and i don't know how i'm going to do this. i'll never -- have that shiny spot in my life again. i mean i have my other children who they have their shiny spots. but his spot won't be. just my memories. and i have great memories. >> jordan married in 2007. his wife, amber, was notified at the same time as his parents, which is what he asked for before he left. his body arrived yesterday at the dover air base. he was stationed in north carolina, but will be buried near his family in frederick. he leaves behind siblings, o'connor, and two sisters, 13 and 21. >>> and news edge watching over two developing stories, the first, iran's long-range missle testing that happened today there, they said they can reach any place that threatens it, including israel and parts of e
from maryland has died after being struck by lightning in north carolina. 18-year-old john sacket from minneapolis but attended unc wilmington near the north carolina coast. he was in the ocean when lightning struck the water friday afternoon, rescuers performed cpr but he was pronounced dead at a hospital not far from the beach. >>> it's been more than a week since a broken water main flooded. several state and county agencies provided more help to flood victims. experts were on hand at the water edge community center to provide insurance information and to help with cleanup. >> what i have found here today is that many of the clients that were serving didn't know. we do this everyday, 365 days a year, we're here to provide -- >> insurance money i'm getting will not replace hot water heater, furnace, air conditioner, washer, dryer, freezer. i'm trying to get a little help in replacing those things. >> last weekend the red cross served 4,000 meals and distributed hundreds of cleanup kits and opened two shelters for flood victims. >>> well on the weather front in maryland things are wer
is gorgeous. >>reporter: 300 miles away in north carolina this vacation home is raved about. she spotted it on a rental website. >>there was this one picture. there were these big block letter that is said relax. i thought, gosh, that sounds great. >>reporter: weeks later she still remembered that image. that saved her from losing thousands of dollars. >>when i got this e-mail and i saw those pictures it sent up a red flag. >>reporter: it came from a person posting the very same house on craigslist. >>8 bedroom, 7 bath. he said its only going to be $4,500 for the week. >>reporter: it really belonged to carol and jerry. >>someone took our photos and our property that was already online and put it out there on another website be you with their contact information. >>reporter: he found out about this three weeks ago. >>we got a phone call from someone in indiana who said he wanted a receipt for his payment for our rental property. >>reporter: knowing he never rented to him he reported the problem to every local authority he could think of. >>it's beyond frustrating that everyone is pointing
is away at college. john sackett was swimming up the coast of north carolina when lightning struck nearby. witnesses say the 18-year-old was struggling before his body slipped under the water. he was a student at the university of north carolina in wilmington and lived in annapolis. >>> here in the baltimore area we had a ton of rain today. as we take a live look outside tonight we can see that it's still a wet mess out there in the city. meteorologist tim williams is live. >> reporter: good evening everyone. we've certainly seen a lot of rain moving through the region. about a half inch we're approaching at bwi and marshal. while we look at temperatures still in the chilly zone, looking at temperatures right around 59 degrees with 97% relative humidity we're seeing brighter bands on the radar. brighter showers toward middle river. you can see bright orange colors:you can see it continuing to move across the region. we're going to see it move through until about tomorrow morning. late tomorrow morning we'll start to see a little bit of clearing. how clear and warm it gets after all this r
on training missions in north carolina this summer practicing military tactics with armor piercing bullets. >>> the attorney general says that a colorado man is looking for urgent help to make explosives. he was indicted on a charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. he plotted to detonate homemade bombs and had recently bought ingredients with stolen credit cards. counter-terrorism agents said that commuter trains might have been the target. >>> massachusetts have is a new interim senator. they chose paul kirk. he worked on kennedy's staff for eight years. he is also the executor of the kennedy's will. >>> i huge mortgage fraud bust with 20 people. we're joined live from springfield with what led police to these suspects. >> is very surprising it people in this community and palms like the one behind me, it could be up to 200 pieces of property. the owners were committing mortgage fraud. the biggest mortgage fraud case in the county history started with trash and traffic. neighbors started to complain. >> the person had converted the living room into a bedroom. that they ha
. this is all moving out of the storm center off the coast of north carolina. fed rate in international airport, it was 74 degrees. -- that reagan international airport, it was 74 degrees. temperatures are holding in the '60s right now. there is this intermingling of weather systems on the eastern part of the country. there is a low over the midwest. there is a pressure area of the carolina coast. the effects, you casee them. there is a high-pressure all along eastern canada. we have everything in the atmosphere blocks together. that is causing a slow movement in the system. the interesting thing is what the computer models are doing. there could be more showers and even heavier rain on thursday into freddie. -- into friday. there will be coastal flood advisories. there could be times of high tide along the bay. old town, you seem to have the worst time with those kinds of situations. there will be isolated showers through tomorrow. on thursday and friday, we will wait to see what happens. if it turns red and goes out to sea, we will see a few showers. if it stays the same, it will clear up. >>
for parole. survivors argued against her release. >>> federal prosecutors say two north carolina terrorism suspects plotted to kill u.s. military personal and had maps of the marine base in virginia to plan the attack. an incident against daniel patrick boyd is the first time authorities have said that the men were specific targets. they were arrested back in july. prosecutors have described boyds a an extremist who loathes the american military. they found dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his north carolina home. they say he could have used them on marines in virginia. >>> the group of 20 nations is going to become the permanent council on global economic cooperation. this will replace the group of eight major industrial nation's who were original council. g 8 will continue to meet on matters such as national security. president barack obama initiated the move. it will be announced at the g- 20 summit later on today. >>> bob dillon may have invented folk rock but some hisser toians say bruce springstein say he perfected it. it is that perfection that will draw thous
on the house floor, two words. you lie, from joe wilson from north carolina. you're from north carolina. i wanted to clear that up for everybody. how much did that help or hurt what the president was out to do? >> if i had power, i would joe wilson's bank account to find out how much rahm emanuel paid him for this. this couldn't work out better. there the white house is saying, time is -- time for bickering is over and then all of a sudden, you hear at the town hall in the august. that's what the white house loves. the democrats in the house today on friday decided they're going to see if they could milk this for longer by officially rep manding congressman wilson who apologized but not on the floor. gwen: not with a lot of contrition. >> could you help clear up or the issue that he was shouting about, which is -- seems to be the one that is aroused by most passion on the right is will this cover illegal imgrants or not? >> it is not a simple answer. there is language in the various bills. there's not just one bill. saying no subsidy for illegal immigrants. fine. but the republican critics
it was to attack the americans. the marine corps base, the target of north carolina base, american jihadist, boyd. he attended tc williams high school. a grand jury indictment alleged boyd and his 21-year-old son and another man conspired to murder u.s. military personnel. boyd did surveillance of the marine corps base. >> now, we know what the target was. the marine corps base. the question is whether or not he could do anything significant. could he kill people? certainly. >> they released the following statement. personnel worked closely with the ncis and fbi to assist in the investigation and protect personnel. in july, boyd, two of his sons and five other men were charged in north carolina for attempted to execute terrorist plots. they were warned not to make too much of the exposure of several to commit plots on american soil. >> we have to pay attention and recognize there are opportunities inside the united states. they are few and far between. this is not part of the broader trend. >> one co-conspirator is believe ed to be in pakistan. >> thank you. >>> police clashed with 1,000 protesto
in a federal prison in north carolina. james von brunn was recently moved to a detention facility in but ner, north carolina, where doctors will determine whether he's fit to stand trial. von brunn had been hospitalized in washington after being shot in the face by other museum guards. he's been indicted on several charges, including first degree murder. he could face the death penalty if he's convicted. >>> a big poster outside of a strip club in richmond, virginia, has sparked a protest for its betrayal of president obama. the poster predicts the president -- depicts the president with a face painted like that of the cartoon character the joker. the image has been used across the country by some who refer to the president as a socialist. today activists with the virginia naacp conference gathered outside to condemn the poster. they called it disrespectful to president obama and to all people of african heritage. some of the employees of the club speaking on the owner's behalf said the banner is simply to express opposition to the president's policies. they say it's got nothing to do with r
hand coughed inside this medical van is headed to the hospital in bruckner, north carolina. he believes the holocaust is a live. the prosecutor said the 89-year- old wanted to send a message to the jewish community to put them in fear. following the competency exam, he is expected back in court otober 14th. >> paul wagner live in the newsroom. >>> dozens of break-ins and thefts in one month. the thieves went on a spending spree with stolen credit cards and this surveillance photo shows they brought along little kids for the ride. fox 5 wisdom martin is live with more. what do you know? >> well, we are talking about a series of thefts. they broke into a hotel room, automobile, houses and different neighborhoods. they have been stealing anything they could get their hands on. investigators say they got their hands on credit cards then went on the shopping spree that you mentioned. we are going to show you the pictures once again. this is a picture of two female suspects walking into the target store in bowie . you see there are two young children with them. investigators say normally this
some acc football action. georgia tech versus north carolina and again, that game is at noon. we're now about 30 minutes away from kickoff between westlake and opportunityingtown. the guys getting warmed up. we'll have complete game highlights at 10:00 and again, the big news, chad reinhart the new starter for the redskins. >>> thank you very much, of course, you have the news edge. the news is always on we hope to see you back here at 10:00. see you then.
showers pulling north out of north carolina into southern virginia. they tend to dry out as they head off to the north and east. most of the afternoon shoulbe dry. a small chance of a passing shower. otherwise, partly sunny and highs reaching the mid-80s. a wind out of the southwest around 5 to 15. i will show you the forecast for tomorrow. we will take a look at friday and the weekend as well, and that will be coming up as well. and the latest photos from my school visit, too. >>> and we have the latest on the midday traffic out there now. steve? >> thank you, barbara. we want to draw your attention to college park maryla, marylan. and there are two instances. north of that, there was an accident after 198. only the shoulder was skraezing by. if you are heading up to the bwi, an accident. and south of the springfield interchange, the roadwork is back just south of here near lorden blocking the lane. and barbara, back to you. >> thank you, steve. >>> construction on the enter county connector is under way. tracee wilkins joins us about details about the new toll proposal. >> reporter: the
. authorities say they stopped a potential tax on quantico marine base in virginia. north carolina terrorism suspects daniel patrick boyd and another man were arrested back in july. authorities say they had maps of the base and had even gone on training expedestrian i gos in rural north carolina just week before their arrest. the fbi seized two dozen guns and more than 2700 rounds of ammunition from boyd's hme. both men face weapons charges and conspiracy to kill military personnel. >>> another big story we're following this morning, the g- 20 summit in pittsburgh. yesterday, at least 17 people were arrested in protests that tued violent. no injuries were reported. >>> today, president obama begins the g-20 summit with two news conferences. the white house says the group of 20 nations will take over the role of a permanent council on global economic cooperation. that will take the burden often of the g-8 wch will continue to meet on matters of national security. the g-20 includes the fastest- growing economies of china, brazil and india which are not in the g-8. >>> supreme court justice rut
tonight with a terror plot. would-be terrorists from north carolina were planning to attack the marine corps base. the new allegations were added today against three of seven men originally charged back in july with planning terrorism attacks abroad. gary nurenberg is in the information center to bring us up-to-date on all of this. gary. >> reporter: well, anita, the government says the men undertook reconnaissance of the marine corps base and weapons to be used to attack the americans. the men were originally arrested for attacks abroad. it has videos of training done by the suspects in north carolina and has confiscated weapons by them. now, they have been charged with planning an attack on quantico which employs military and civilian workers. the government has compiled 2400 documents, has 60 recordings in the investigation but it has not classified all of the evidence against the men. quantico would give no information and issued a statement saying investigators worked on the threat con sulting with the fbi. owe consulting with the fbi. some say security is too lax. we show the jus
state, north carolina amt, south carolina state, st. paul college, an alabama state. we draw from the best to provide the best. we embrace the chief of naval operations loss that are made it must reflect the nation. -- reflect the face of our nation. in 1989, a dedicated program was established supporting undergraduate and graduate students at five schools. in 1992, that investment increased to $6 million and rose to $10 million in 1994. from that time to present, we supported 22 programs in minority institutions and provided educational support for over 1100 students annually. 9% of the students graduate on time with undergraduate degrees and 80% of them went on to earn master's degrees. today our programs include the research program, research and better occasion -- research and education program participating in disciplines relevant to naval s &t. the research and education partnership program is designed to improve research and discipline in support of the department may be pretty exposes students to engineering careers with the naval research enterprise through summer intern
museum shooter is in in north carolina -- why the holocaust museum shooter is in a north carolina prison tonight. and of roman polanski will fight extradition back to the u.s.. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your time. >> iran pushes western nations with its latest missile tests. >> the government in iran test fired in advanced missiles. >> these were preplanned military exercises and iran called them defensive in nature. but it sent a clear signal to the world, iran is not backing down in the development of its weapons capabilities. >> it is the most advanced missile iran possesses, capable of carrying more -- multiple warheads with the potential to destroy israel, europe and other places. the obama ainistration called it potentially provocative. they want access to this, a newly revealed irani in p
and the conversation with chris paul. >> chris paul. >> chris paul is here growing up in rural north carolina. he had the common dream of one day reaching the nba in his sophomore year in high school being less than five feet tall, left little hope that he would even make the varsity team. today he is widely coidered to be the best point guard in the nba. in 2008 was runner-up to kobe bryant as the league's mvp. he writes about his improbable journalee in long shot, never too small to dream big. i am pleased to have chris paul at the show for the first time. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> what town are you from in north carolina. >> winston-salem. i'm from louisville north carolina but everyone knows win stole salem. >> do you get home much. >> during the summer. as soon as the season is over i'm back but never during the season. >> both parent as live. >> yes. >> they must love having -- having the opportunity to stay in the neighborhood. >> my parents are huge sports fanatics and this he are my biggest fans and i love them to death. >> how many brothers and sisters. >> one older brother. >> a
does the gentlewoman from north carolina rise? ms. foxx: i have an amendment at the desk, mr. speaker. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 7 printed in house report 111-256 offered by ms. foxx of north carolina. the chair: the gentlewoman from north carolina and an opposing member will each control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from north carolina. ms. foxx: i want to thank the rule committees for making my amendment in order and am glad to be here to speak on this bill. first, i want to say that my whole life was spent in education. i was president of a community college, i spent 12 years on a school board. i taught and was an assistant dean at appalachian state university. i was an administrator there. i was a director of a trio program at appalachian. so i have been very much involved with education all my life. i'm the product of a public school system and give credit to the success that i've had in life to the fact that i had great teachers and administrators who cared a lot about me and gave me some direction, thoug
a major step today. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from north carolina rise? ms. foxx: i ask permission to address the house for one minute, madam speaker. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. foxx: thank you, madam speaker. during a time of high unemployment, democrats in washington propose a government takeover of health care that will lead to even more job losses and a weaker economy. for months, the american people have looked to washington for policies that will do no harm to our economy and help put workers back to work. unfortunately, all we've seen from the president and democrat-led congress are record spending, record deficits and record debt. the american people are looking for real solutions to the challenges we face, not another excuse to spend money and increase the reach of big government. republicans have real solutions. but the people in charge of congress and the president are ignoring them. it's time for the president and the democrat-controlled congress to start over on health care, work to get our economy back on track and
. daniel patrick boyd was arrested in north carolina but he grew up in northern virginia. he even attended t.c. williams high school. now boyd, his 20-year-old son and another man are charged with plotting against quantico. investigators say the group surveilled the base and had maps of it. >> now we know what his target was, the marine corps base at quantico. the question is whether or not he had the capability to do anything significant. we're talking about automatic weapons, things like that. could he have killed people? certainly. >> in july, boyd and five others were arrested in north carolina. they were charged with plotting terror attacks in foreign countries. investigators say they seized two dozen guns and more than 27,000 rounds of ammunition from his home. >> a teen is in custody accused of plotting to bomb a downtown dallas skyscraper. fbi agents arrested 19-year-old hosam maher husein smadi yesterday during the fountain place building. in they say he place have had what turned out to be a decoy car bomb near the office tower. the fbi says smadi is a jordanian citizen in the u.
throughout my district of the one has been etched in my mind. in elizabeth city, north carolina, i bet derek williams at the dialysis center, he tearfully explained to me he had received a kidney transplant from his sister. the kidney worked well, but he was required to take a variety of anti-rejection medicines. he liked his insurance. his insurance company started reimbursing for the medicines and he was very happy. but after just two years, the insurance company refused further reimbursement. unable to afford the medicines, the kidney failed, his back on dialysis, the sister's without a kidney, derek is awaiting another kidney. what a tragedy. health insurers should work with us and their policyholders. instead they continue to rake in huge profits by raising premiums $1,800 per year and cutting back on coverage. i urge the insurance industry to embrace health care reform, please. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania rise? mr. pitts: to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.
injuries. >>> and tonight live to north carolina. a two-year-old baby wearing nothing but a diaper. no shirt, no pants, no shoes. wandering alone down the central lane of a busy, winding highway, clutching a baby doll. mommy's at the local bar with a snoot full at 4:30 in the afternoon. tonight, the frantic 911 call of a driver who spots the baby. we have the 911. >> a motorist driving on a busy street couldn't believe what he was seeing. a 2-year-old toddler wandering down the center of the road in only a diaper. her mother nowhere to be found. >> where's your mommy at? >> huh? >> what happened to your mommy? >> the speed limit is only 35 miles per hour here but the road is narrow with virtually no shoulder and driver visibility is limited because of slight curves and hills. >> is the child okay? >> she's fine, but i just don't know who she belongs to. i mean, i found her in the middle of the road in a disposable diaper, and that's it. no shoes, no other clothes, carrying a baby doll. >> if this person hadn't been conscientious enough to stop and get the child out of the road, in
's producing a little thin line of showers and thunderstorms really from north carolina up into the southeastern sections of virginia and then just about to cross our bay. behind it, nothing. but cool air. in fact, coolest of the season. >>> tomorrow, their own forecast, 69 in middleburg. we'll get rested out here. and you will meet them at 71 and windy too in all zones tomorrow. 70 at gaithersburg, downtown, 74 annapolis. 71 in plum point. and there's a small craft advisory on the bay inside the platonic area. >>> next seven days? windy tomorrow, upper 60s. very nice days. a little bit on the cool side. 70 on friday. warm front comes back. showers are possible. and then on saturday, showers and rain, they were back in the low 70s. they should clear up for the skins. and they are going to come home this weekend. 74 and then 76 with sunshine on monday. >> hey now, that looks much better than this weekend. >> not bad. >> right. >> no. saturday, they were right. >> yes. >> all right, thank you, topper. >>> the recession, they have americans making some pretty tough decisions o
's progressive. call or click today. >> we're at the carolinas, nationals, charlotte, north carolina, zx mmax dragway, qualifying in pro stock motorcycle. matt smith and michael phillips. both came to this final session in the top eight and that's where they'll remain. they're not able to improve on their best time, so phillips remains six the and matt smith remains eighth. let's go to john concekiernan h don "the snake" prudhomme. >> he announced no sponsorship agreement could possibly close the team, we want to get an update. you tried to beat the bushes to get sponsorship. how's it going? >> it's okay. when i made that announcement at indy, it just all of the sudden came down and wanted to let everybody know and maybe it came out wrong, but you know, i'll be honest with you, all of the people in this country out of work, i just didn't want to be up there whining that didn't have a sponsor for next year, so yeah we're working real hard at it and popefully put something together. >> we'll be back to you after this next run. >> angie mcbride, shawn gann, we'll get back to that in just a momen
evaluation to the federal facility in butner, north carolina, where he could get psychological and medical treatment. that would delay the start of the trial. von brunn spoke up saying, your honor, the judge advised him not to speak, but said he couldn't stop him from expressing his opposition. von brunn said, the constitution guarantees me a speedy and fair the judge said he couldn't hear von brunn. his lawyer repeated what the defendant said, adding he has difficulty talking since he was shot in the face. von brunn continued, "as a u.s. citizen and naval officer, i swore to protect my country. i take my vows seriously." the judge said von brunn's right to a speedy trial will be put on hold while he undergoes the mental competency evaluation. von brunn will be taken to the federal facility in buttner, north carolina. that's where john hinkley went before his trial for the attempted assassination of president reagan. and russell westin was taken there after he was charged in the 1998 fatal shooting of two u.s. capitol police officers. >> chris gordon, thanks. >>> hurricane jimena
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